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TOMO (double cut design)
this is TOMO, our double cut model offering a more modern package with fine tuned sounds coming from the well chosen HB + P90 configuration as well as optimized playability from the lowest to highest frets.

control layout is chosen to match the beautiful pattern of the mosaic maple guitar top as well as easy unblocked access.

this model weighs around 3,35kg
guitar body spec
  • signature mosaic maple top with asanoha pattern
  • three piece ash body with 37mm thickness (incl. maple top)
  • comfort contours back and front
  • optimized and well rounded neck joint heel design
  • pickup routings both humbucker sized
  • pickups direct mounted with threaded inserts
  • electronics cavity accessible from the back
  • barrel type input jack is recessed at an angle into the guitar body
  • special multilayer oil finish
guitar neck spec
  • one-piece quarter sawn maple neck with steamed pear fretboard
    • 650mm scale length
    • 20mm thickness @ 1st fret
    • 21,5mm thickness @ 12th fret
    • 305mm fretboard radius
    • 24 stainless steel frets
  • ‘edge scallop’ on all 24 frets
  • bone nut
  • bolt-on design using threaded inserts and mechanic screws
  • hex-shaped fretboard inlays
  • unique headstock design
  • 2+4 Schaller ‘M6 pin’ type locking tuner configuration
  • natural oil + wax finish

electronics and controls
  • Häussel pickups VIN+ B ceramic and P90 HOT HB N
  • Schaller 3-way megaswitch
  • 500kOhm linear volume pot
  • ‘treble bleed’ capacitor
  • Schaller dome knob
  • Switchcraft barrel type input jack
  • cavity cover made from aluminum for robustness and shielding

Prices starting at 3.589 € (for configuration as listed above and shown in the pictures)

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