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OKITA (offset design)
OKITA - our approach to a well balanced 'offset design' offering beautiful sounds that cover a broad range of musical styles, further improved playability with 22 frets and a 640mm scale length.

this model weighs around 2,95kg
guitar body specs
  • signature mosaic maple top with asanoha pattern
  • three piece alder body with 38mm thickness (incl. maple top)
  • comfort contours back and front
  • optimized and well rounded neck joint heel design
  • pickup routings both humbucker sized pickups direct mounted with threaded inserts
  • electronics cavity accessible from the back
  • barrel type input jack is recessed at an angle into the guitar body
  • special multilayer oil finish
guitar neck specs
  • one-piece quarter sawn maple neck
  • steamed pear fretboard
    • 640mm scale length
    • 21mm thickness @ 1st fret
    • 22,5mm thickness @ 12th fret
    • 305mm fretboard radius
    • 22 stainless steel frets
  • ‘edge scallop’ on complete fretboard
  • bone nut
  • bolt-on design using threaded inserts and mechanic screws
  • hex-shaped fretboard inlays
  • unique headstock design with 2+4 Schaller ‘M6 pin’ type tuner configuration
  • multilayer natural oil + wax finish
electronics and controls
  • Häussel pickups
    • VIN+ B A5
    • P90 HB N
  • Schaller 3-way megaswitch
  • 500kOhm linear volume pot
  • ‘treble bleed’ capacitor
  • Schaller dome knob
  • Switchcraft barrel type input jack
  • cavity cover made from aluminum for robustness and shielding
Prices starting at 3.589 € (for configuration as listed above and shown in the pictures)
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