who we are

sts guitars was started in January 2022 by Jonas Mehne. 

Jonas worked for 9 years in the automotive industry for one of the largest automotive suppliers as a project manager responsible for development projects of components for combustion engines. over that time disappointment and a large conflict of basic values started to build up. next to his job, the first own guitar designs and design philosophies developed and matured for more than three years.

in the end it was time for a change, time to fully focus on things and especially values that personally matter and may make a difference, time to start - sts guitars.

partially influenced by japanese culture and teachings, Jonas puts a strong focus on overall quality as well as attention to detail and strives for perfection in everything he does with the required respect for the material and the final product.
the approach to guitar building is more process oriented with a focus on repeatability (without the use of cnc technology) to ensure the highest possible handmade quality and lowest tolerances for every instrument that is built.